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Katy Perry – real HOT @ Maxim jan 2011

Katy Perry @ Loaded Magazine

Katy Perry – khoe ngực đọ thiên thần Victoria’s Secret hôm 10/11 vừa rồi (huge collection)

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Katy Perry – FHM 2011 Calendar

2b continued!

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Katy Perry @ Rolling Stone

Katy Perry half naked in Rolling Stone magazine - Hot Celebs Home

Behind the scenes 😉

những khoảnh khắc “kinh điển” của Katy Perry

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Katy Perry căng tràn nhựa sống ( High School Dos Pueblos – Santa Barbara)

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Katy Perry – Alexo Wandael Photoshoot

Katy Perry – SEXY new profile pic on Twitter

Katy Perry – sexy cưỡi tên lửa? (sexy rocket riding)

Katy_Perry_Star_Face-1 Katy_Perry_Star_Face-6

Katy Perry at Radio One Studios

Katy Perry with great cleavage and downblouse arriving at Radio One Studios in London - Hot Celebs Home

Katy Perry at ITV Studios

Katy Perry in sheer black dress showing white panties at ITV studios after recording 'Chatty Man' with Alan Carr in London - Hot Celebs Home