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ESPN, Discovery and Others Prepare to Launch 3D Television

By Chris Weiss – [via Reuters]

Everyone’s expecting 3D TV to make a big splash at CES this year. Of course, having 3D technology in television sets is only a part of the equation. Without plenty of 3D programming, that expensive 3D HDTV set will operate like any other television.  Today, a number of prominent networks announced plans to create 3D channels. Good news to any 3D-loving sports fans, ESPN was in the first wave of networks to confirm its emergence into 3D. The Disney-owned network intends to launch ESPN 3D in June, which will see the broadcast of 85 sporting events during year 1. The first 3D event will be the World Cup soccer match between Mexico and South Africa on June 11. Sounds good overall, but ESPN decided to kick it off with soccer? Seriously? Soccer?

Discovery, in conjunction with Sony and IMAX, announced that they will offer a dedicated, 24/7 3D channel that will launch in 2011. Today’s announcements join news of DirecTV’s 3D offerings from last week. Let’s hope the manufacturers have been just as busy producing sets that will be available in the coming months.

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