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TV màn hình chạm, touch là xu thế tất yếu!

This MEDION system has a 24inch multi-touch full high-definition display and combines a PC, TV, music system and Blu-ray DVD player.


Even more interesting, it can also be controlled using your voice as well as using your fingertips. The TOUCH X9613 is due out before the end of this year and just one touch switches between all the different uses. An on-screen keyboard also pops up to let you type messages but it can be used with a normal QWERTY for those who like it a bit more traditional. A whopping 4GB of RAM will ensure it’s capable of running a few different applications at once while there’s a superfast Intel Quad processor and decent NVIDIA graphics card. You even get a ONE TERABYTE hard-drive, 2 megapixel webcam and microphone plus draft-N wireless, Bluetooth and a fingerprint reader to keep your secrets safe.