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Kim Kardashian – Downblouse Twitter Picture

Tiện ích upload ảnh miễn phí, không cần đăng ký! |

ITG xpPhone – ngon vãi, sang Tàu mua thôi!

… gets a price, more pretty pictures

If you’re China-based and you think there might be an xpPhone in your future, we’ve got some news for you: according to an email from ITG, the device will cost from 3,000 – 4,500 Chinese RMB (or about $400 – $650), depending on options. Funny how the world works — put Windows XP on a laptop and it’s yawn city, then you go and put the same OS on a handset and the thing is a bona fide curiosity. We also have a few new shots of the thing, and now we’re we won’t be stingy with ’em. Take a look below to get your Ya-Ya’s out. (engadget)