Những ngôi sao phim người lớn “đắt khách” – The Most Desirable Pornstars In The World (18+)

RealTouch owners during the month of February 2010 have been tabulated and winners in order are: Jenna Haze, Sasha Grey, Ashlynn Brooke, Bree Olson, Lisa Ann, Alexis Texas, Tori Black, Jenna Jameson, Lexi Belle and Faye Reagan.

The most frequently downloaded movies for Jenna Haze and Sasha Grey were their scenes from Zero Tolerance’s “POV Centerfolds” series, AEBN said.

(thông tin chi tiết ở trong nhá ) >>>

1) Jenna Haze
Long, lithe, and cock-crazy, Jenna Haze tops just about every popularity list we’ve seen. And this one is no different.

2) Sasha Grey
There’s no one in the world quite like Sasha Grey…luckily, she’s (virtually) available through RealTouch. (Really, with her body, her mouth, and…well, just her, is it any surprise she’s made it here?)

3) Ashlynn Brooke
In addition to having some of the best fake boobs in the whole wide world, Ashlynn’s also got some serious sex skills. Come on, people, what more do you want?

4) Bree Olson
Beautiful Bree is a girl next door with some serious star power. Our favorite combination!

5) Lisa Ann
Even when she’s not playing Sarah Palin, Lisa Ann’s a super sexy woman with a serious sex drive. Call her a MILF, call her a cougar, call her whatever you want—all we know is that she’s utterly to die for.

6) Alexis Texas
Is Alexis Texas’s ass the secret of her seductive powers? Or are her other assets where her true powers lie? The world may never know…but in the meantime, yes, we would like to pretend that we’re banging the two time Buttwoman.

7) Tori Black
2010’s AVN Female Performer of the Year is a class act…and a dirty fuck. We wouldn’t be surprised to see her edging her way up this list in the month’s to come—we know she’s one of our women to watch out for (and, for that matter, to just plain watch).

8) Jenna Jameson
There’s a reason why Jenna Jameson reigned the porn industry for so long: the woman is damn good at what she does (and, as evidenced by her position in this list, has some serious staying power).

9) Lexi Belle
Sweet and innocent (looking) on the outside…depraved and dirty on the inside. We, for one, would be happy to “spend some time” with Lexi Belle—and it’s clear we’re not the only ones.

10) Faye Reagan
Freckled, redheaded, and puffy-nippled, Faye’s got a look like no one else in the industry—is it really that hard to believe that all the Faye-o-philes might band together and push her into the top ten? Of course not. We’re a powerful lobbying group.

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