ARCHOS 5 – đỉnh!

(Gizmodo) – With Apple set to release a multimedia tablet device soon enough, Archos has a tricky problem.

It’s built its business flogging these useful portable media players but with mobile phones now doing much of the same work, the market will begin to struggle. So adding Google’s Android platform to its latest unit, the ARCHOS 5, is a very clever move. This handheld also packs in Bluetooth, GPS navigation and HD videos making it one of the most advanced on the market.


It has a five inch screen, PC speed and up to 500GB of storage space to >>>

hold all your songs, pictures, movies and Android applications. The size of that memory means you’ll have no trouble keeping full-length high-definition films to hand on the move. Android apps are increasingly exciting and many are even better than those offered in Apple’s own store. This has a few of them pre-installed to start you off and others can be downloaded either free or paid-for. Out of the box on the Archos 5 comes ones for instant messaging, Twitter and viewing Microsoft Office files. There’s also Mewbox, the first music download service for Android, with more than four million DRM-free tracks from over 13,000 labels. Hooking it up to the internet is done via WiFi or using your mobile’s connection while sat-nav works using TeleAtlas maps. But you’ll need to buy an in-car holder as an accessory if you want to put it in your motor. Out now, they range from �199.99 to �369.99 depending what memory size you choose. With the Archos Android now a reality, Apple might have bitten off more than it can chew in the web tablet fight. (giá tính bằng bảng ANh nhá, không phải đô Mẽo đâu!)

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