nude top 100 – part I – 100-91

Christina Ricci Nude

Christina Ricci click to enlarge

#100 Christina Ricci nude in

Black Snake Moan (2007)

(0:20) Starring opposite Samuel L. Jackson in this Southern Gothic potboiler, Christina enjoys a topless game of touch football in the grass. Sweet Ricci peachies!

  • As a kid, Christina starred as Wednesday in the Addams Family movies.
  • We waited years to see Christina nude in Prozac Nation (2001), where her toplessness was quick—and then the movie was barely released!
  • Christina more than makes up for the brevity of Prozac by appearing repeatedly nude throughout Black Snake Moan.
Betsy Rue Nude Betsy Rue click to enlarge

#99 Betsy Rue nude in

My Bloody Valentine 3–D (2009)

(0:22) While being stalked by a crazed coal miner, natural beauty Betsy bounces atop a dude on a motel bed, then flees her attacker by running outside stark naked, for three full minutes.

  • This is the greatest 3–D nude scene of all time.
  • Betsy’s Brazilian bikini area provides the most prominent bald–beaver shot in a mainstream movie to date.
  • Betsy’s 3 B’s (boobs, butt, and bush) plus 3–D equals one Skinstant Classic!
Hedy Lamarr Nude Hedy Lamarr click to enlarge

#98 Hedy Lamarr nude in

Ecstasy (1932)

(0:27) Austrian ingénue Hedy exposes herself in the great outdoors. She’s walking, swimming, and chasing a horse through the wilderness while clad only in her birthday (bathing) suit.

  • Here it is: the first–ever celebrity nude scene!
  • Ecstasy caused scandal everywhere it played, but Hedy Lamarr still went on to become a huge Hollywood star.
  • In a fit of rage, Hedy’s husband purchased and destroyed as many copies of Ecstasy as he could.
Laura Linney Nude Laura Linney click to enlarge

#97 Laura Linney nude in

Maze (2000)

(0:31) As she poses for artist Rob Morrow, Laura Linney stands frontally nude in a well–lit studio.

  • Natural redhead Laura joins Nicole Kidman and Julianne Moore as an Academy–Award–nominated actress who’s not afraid to roll out the red carpet.
  • Laura’s pose goes on for nearly a full minute and a half.
  • Since Maze, Laura has taken on sexy roles and even taken her clothes off in a number of films. Still, Maze continues to stun even her most devoted fans.
Molly Ringwald Nude Molly Ringwald click to enlarge

#96 Molly Ringwald nude in

Malicious (1995)

(0:15) Pretty in pink—and out of her top—bare–breasted Molly rides her boyfriend in this lurid romantic thriller and reveals that she had the sweetest rack in all the Brat Pack.

  • After Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club, Molly was America’s teen sweetheart. She even made the cover of Time magazine in 1986.
  • Molly is the only former Facts of Life cast member to ever do a nude scene.
  • Malicious is both Molly’s nude debut and her only nude scene to date.
Betsy Russell Nude Betsy Russell click to enlarge

#95 Betsy Russell nude in

Private School (1983)

(0:19) Betsy Russell goes bareback, riding a horse all over campus, with her sizable breasts bobbling along with every gallop.

  • This is the greatest nude–on–horseback scene of all time.
  • Betsy stands out in one of the ’80s’ most flesh–filled teen sex comedies, which ends with Phoebe Cates leading a group moon straight into the camera.
  • After a brilliant nude career that also includes Out of Control (1984), Tomboy (1985), and Delta Heat (1992), Betsy mounted a clothed comeback in the Saw movies.
Mischa Barton Nude Mischa Barton click to enlarge

#94 Mischa Barton nude in

Closing the Ring (2007)

(0:34) With World War II tearing them apart, Mischa hops atop her man on a construction site, baring her breasts in broad daylight.

  • Closing the Ring earned Mischa a Mr. Skin Anatomy Award for Best Nude Scene.
  • After this naked debut, Mischa followed up by doffing her top in Assassination of a High School President (2008).
  • Although many thought Mischa appeared nude in The OH in Ohio (2006), the Skin Labs determined that she actually wore nipple patches.
Jacqueline Bisset Nude Jacqueline Bisset click to enlarge

#93 Jacqueline Bisset nude in

The Deep (1977)

(0:02) Jacqueline opens this Caribbean underwater adventure by diving for gol

d, then emerging back onto a boat with a wet t–shirt transparently clinging to her own treasure of a chest.

  • This is the greatest wet t–shirt scene of all time.
  • Jackie’s sopping rackie started the entire wet t–shirt craze of the 1970s and ’80s.
  • The Deep was author Peter Benchley’s follow–up to Jaws. Remarkably, Jacqueline’s t–shirt tops Susan Backlinie’s historic opening skinny–dip from Jaws.
  • Anna Faris Nude Anna Faris click to enlarge

    #92 Anna Faris nude in

    The House Bunny (2008)

    (0:22) As a former Playboy centerfold running a college sorority, Anna nakedly addresses shocked coeds while providing a smart look at her behind.

    • Even with its Playboy theme, The House Bunny was rated PG–13.
    • In Scary Movie (2000), Anna’s character reveals her butt, but it actually belonged to a body double.
    • Anna said of showing her Bunny tail: “It was sort of a last–minute thing, where I said, ‘I’ll just go ahead and do this.’”
  • Drew Barrymore Nude Drew Barrymore click to enlarge

    #91 Drew Barrymore nude in

    Doppelganger (1993)

    (0:23) Buxom 18–year–old Drew scrubs her body in a shower until, quite suddenly, the faucet douses her with blood.

    • After child stardom and drug addiction in the 1980s, Doppelganger proved that Drew had ultimately grown up just fine.
    • You will never see “more” of Drew than we do here. After this scene, she reportedly underwent breast reduction surgery.
    • Drew’s path to her adult success began with Doppelganger and the ultra–sexy Poison Ivy (1992).



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