WTA Top 10 in bikini… so hot

Top 10 này cũ mất rồi, nhưng chủ yếu vẫn thế !

WTA players in bikinis

(1) Jelena Jankovic
The Serbian beauty is often criticised for checking herself out on the big screen during matches and wiping her face oh-so-carefully with the towel so as to not ruin her make up. Personally, I think Jelena is hilarious… She’s got a hot personality and an even hotter body: You’ll either love her or hate her!

Jelena Jankovic in a bikini on the beach Jankovic poses in a pink bikini. Jelena Jankovic in a bikini at the pool Jankovic lies down on the beach at sunset Jelena Jankovic poses in her bikinis poolside Jelena Jankovic lying poolside in her bikinis
xem thêm mời vô, đẹp đẹp …
(2) Serena Williams
Serena is bootylicious and she knows it! She’s been spotted wearing nothing but bikinis on numerous occasions – most notably strutting her stuff with Kelly Rowland. There’s also some pics of her and ex-boyfriend rapper Common surfing in Hawaii. Did anyone say baby got ass??

Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams at the beach Serena Williams in white bathers talking on the phone Serena in a black bikini Serena Williams shows off her huge ass on the beach with Common Serena Williams surfing with Common Serena gets out after having a surf on the beach Baby got ass. Serena Williams leaves nothing to the imagination. Photos taken from her surfing trip on the beach with Common. Serena Williams does a photoshoot on the beach in her bikinis Serena Williams photoshoot in bikinis with flowers Serena walks out of the pool and shows her body off in bikinis

(3) Dinara Safina
Marat Safin’s younger sister finally seems to be stepping out of his shadow and making a name for herself after a momentous 2008 season which saw her rise to the #3 ranked player in the world. There’s no swimsuit photos of Dinara, so here’s one from the Doha photoshoot as a consolation:

Dinara Safina photoshoot in Doha

(4) Elena Dementieva
Elena’s been hanging around the top 10 for quite a number of years. You’d think photos of her in a bikini would have surfaced by now, but unfortunately they haven’t. However, she has done a photoshoot on the beach (clothed, but looking gorgeous!) and another one where she flaunts her panties… literally.

Elena Dementieva gets wet for a photo shoot on the beach The Russian beauty: Elena Dementieva Elena Dementieva posing on the beach. Elena Dementieva does a sexy photoshoot You can see Elena Dementieva's panties in this photo! Elena Dementieva tries to hide her panties, but you can still see them!

(5) Ana Ivanovic
Ana’s been the talk of many blogs these past few weeks due to her blooming romance with ATP player Fernando Verdasco. After capturing her first Grand Slam title at Roland Garros this year, Ana’s become a hot property for sponsors. Back in August 2008, she posed in various swimsuits for FHM. More recently, she was snapped in her bikinis whilst on holiday.

Ana Ivanovic on cover of FHM magazine Ana Ivanovic goes topless for FHM. Ana Ivanovic poses for FHM. Ana Ivanovic undresses for FHM. Ivanovic looking sexy at FHM photo shoot Ivanovic looks hot as she poses on FHM Ana Ivanovic in a swimsuit for FHM magazine. Ana Ivanovic applies sunscreen whilst enjoying her holidays in her bikinis Ana Ivanovic in bikinis during off season holidays

(6) Venus Williams
Venus has been plagued by injuries these past few years, but this hasn’t sotpped her from prancing around the beach in her bikinis (and showing off her perfect legs and ass) or doing the occasional photo shoot. 2008 was a good year for her, having been successful in defending her Wimbledon title. Venus has her own clothing line “EleVen”.

Venus Williams photo shoot in white bikinis Venus Williams photo shoot in white swimsuit Venus shows off her hot body in yellow bikinis Venus Williams chills out in her bikinis Venus Williams wearing yellow bikinis on the beach Venus Williams takes a walk on the beach in orange bikinis Venus Williams smiles in her orange bikinis Venus Williams in bikinis runs on the beach Venus looks stunning in her bikinis

(7) Vera Zvonareva
The Russian “crybaby” grew up in 2008 – and with her emotions under control, has managed to crack the top 10. Here’s two pics of Bepa looking cute in bikinis on the beach.

Vera Zvonareva in bikinis at the beach Bepa posing in her bikinis

(8) Svetlana Kuznetsova
…or “sexy Sveta” as she’s affectionately known amongst the tennis community. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately??) she hasn’t been snapped in bikinis. The most famous shot of Sveta was at the MTV Russia Awards this year in 2008, where she was seen with Russian compatriot Vera Zvonareva. So what if “sexy Sveta” isn’t one of the beauties of the sport… She’s got a great personality and loves her RnB music – go girl!

Svetlana Kuznetsova attends MTV Russia Awards with Vera Zvonareva.

(9) Maria Sharapova
“I’m so pretty” Sharapova is no doubt the most glamorous star of womens tennis. Though she may not be as highly regarded (in the looks and body department) amongst tennis fans, she’s grown to become a household name amongst casual and non-tennis fans alike. Sharapova did a sexy photoshoot with Sports Illustrated back in 2006 and, more recently, posed suggestively for Spanish GQ in November 2008.

Maria Sharapova taking off her bikinis Maria Sharapova poses in her bikinis for Sports Illustrated Hot Maria Sharapova poses in her bikinis Sharapova in a swimsuit for Sports Illustrated calendar Sharapova in her secy bikinis Sharapova featured on Sports Ilustrated calendar in her bikinis Sharapova featured on Sports Ilustrated calendar in a swimsuit Sexy Sharapova in bikinis for Sports Illustrated A hot pic of Sharapova in bikinis Sharapova in bikinis Sharapova looking hot in her bikinis Sharapova almost naked on Spanish GQ magazine

(10) Agnieszka Radwanska
Aga is a newcomer to the top 10, whilst her (now 18 year old) younger sister Urszula is rising up the rankings… so expect more bikini pics of them in the future! Right now, we just have the newspaper snaps taken during the Radwanska sisters’ holiday in Egypt at the end of 2008.

Agnieszka and Urszula Radwanska in bikinis The Radwanska sisters in bikinis

hiện giờ thì Sharapova đã rơi xuống đến đâu rồi ấy chứ 😦

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