Dell …leaked … !?

Dell Precision Workstation Photos Leaked


From “an industry source,” Engadget got their hands on some convincing photos and specs of Dell’s Intel Nehalem-based Precision workstations. While they’re not as sexy as the new Adamo line of laptops, they do have a beastly amount of RAM. The T3500, starting at $999, hosts up to 24 GB of DDR3 EEC memory and the T5500, starting at $1,620, sports up to 72 GB of memory and Intel Xeon. The flagship T7500 can be equipped with 192 GB of DDR3 EEC memory, plus it has dual native Gen 2 PCIe graphics slots and support for NVIDIA SLI technology. All three models, in addition to having Terminator-like naming schemes, can store up to 1.5 GB in a SATA hard drive. Other features include E-SATA support, dual and quad monitor support and DisplayPort connectors — all in an Energy Star 5.0-compliant package. Availability? Unknown. [via Engadget]

ngon quá, thêm tý lòng ruột nè ….


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