healthy gift for men today

$$$ (gift from Won Park)


scopenode1Maybe this is a stereotype coming through, but Japanese electronics maker Elecom’s “Scope Node” mouse kind of reminds me of a battle mech, with its disjointed parts and partially-exposed insides. The futuristic name helps. In any case, the Scope Node, also called “BOTANREZAMAUSU,” is supposedly like “holding a pen,” and that’s what worries me. See, I don’t particularly like holding pens. It’s certainly not what I look for in a mouse, because proper ergonomics should feel like holding nothing. At least the pen-like traits give the ‘Node excellent precision, and no driver installation required! The cost translates to roughly $65, and it’s available now. Good luck getting one outside of Japan.


smile everyday, troubles go away! (click to see )


sexy romantic

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