VS models get ready

Victoria’s Secret models get ready for runway show

Are <i>you</i> ready for the Victoria's Secret runway show? If not, some behind-the-scenes pics from the fittings should help you prepare. The models strut their stuff tonight in Miami Beach for the show, which airs on Dec. 4 on CBS. Check out model Adriana Lima, above, and more at the fittings. Model Adriana Lima practices her pout for the cameras. Model Selita Ebanks practices her pout.Selita gets her wings.What's going on? Adriana Lima's candid on-set moment.German model Heidi Klum struts her stuff.Selita gets taped into a futuristic number...... while certain areas get special attention. Heidi is all wrapped up for the holidays.Yeah, baby!Adriana gets ready for winter......and for the runway.Not all the fashions are skin-bearing.Heidi's gladiator moment.Brrr!Selita strikes an over-the-shoulder pose. Adriana laughs as designer Todd Thomas examines the model's hand.Adriana models the Martin Katz Diamond Fantasy Bra.... to the delight of Selita.Some outfits require more work than others.Selita smiles while wearing a multi-colored ensemble.An angel, through and through.

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