Karolina Kurkova bellybutton

đẹp quá

The question of the hour - where is Karolina Kurkova's bellybutton?  The sultry supermodel - just voted World's Sexiest Woman - has caused a stir because of seemingly non-existent navel.  Can you spot a bellybutton among these runway photos?... No sign of it here on the runway in 2006 for the annual Victoria's Secret show.Bellybutton or not, in this shot Karolina Kurkova looks hot - and the eccentricity of her mid-region didn't stop E! from voting her the world's sexiest woman for 2008.The model's rep says she had a surgical procedure as an infant that resulted in the barely-there button.Doctors say the model likely suffered an umbilical hernia and an infant, and required an operation.The unusual look of her mid-section has hardly hindered Kurkova's success.  She's no stranger to big name runway shows and often bares her tummy - as seen here in a 2005 Cia.Maritima show.   ... and again barely there on the catwalk for designer Matthew Williamson at the Spring 2004 New York fashion shows.And oops ... gone again on the runway for the Bill Blass Spring 2005 runway show in Bryant Park ... Industry sources report that photos like this one - a shot of the 2002 "Star of Victoria" Fantasy Bra by Mouawa - have been retouched to give the model a bellybutton. This image from a recent photo shoot in Miami got people buzzing over the model's curiously smooth abdominals.

đek có rốn :))

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